The Allied Pickfords brand is known throughout the world as a premier supplier of moving services. Our
name is synonymous with high quality home moving and from the pack horses of the early seventeenth
century to the most advanced shipping and transport methods of today, our service is bespoke.
Allied Pickfords has grown to become the largest dedicated home moving organisation in the world because
of its attention to detail and a commitment to those we serve. Our participation in the Jakarta Poster project
further reflects this commitment to those who trust us to handle some of their most precious possessions.
The Blue Bird Peduli (Blue Bird Cares) program is one of ways that the Blue Bird Group looks to repay all God’s blessings and also to try and
meet its moral obligation and responsibility to help those individuals who are less fortunate.

“The program is based upon the philosophy that ‘all beings are created equal’ and that all peoples have the same right to pursue happiness,”  
Blue Bird Peduli coordinator Noni Purnomo. “This way of thinking is also in line with the vision of Mrs Mutiara Siti Fatimah Djokosoetono, SH, the
founder of the Blue Bird Group. She was very concerned with educational matters and one of her objectives, when  establishing the company,
had been to support her children’s education. This was particularly relevant as she was a widow leading a simple life at the time.”
Blue Bird group are delighted to be part of the Jakarta Poster project and the help it will bring to those in need. The core philosophy and
objectives of the project are laudable and entirely in keeping with Blue Bird Group's
Peduli programmes.
Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia operates in a wide variety of communities and locations and each is characterised by it’s
own unique economy, language and culture. Through Coca-Cola for Jakarta as the CSR identity of CCAI in Jakarta,
CCAI recognizes the need to support local businesses and the communities within which it operates and is committed
to helping other initiatives which seek to improve the lives or opportunities of those communities. Coca-Cola for
Jakarta is proud to be one of the founding supporters of the Jakarta Poster Project, a project which will provide
tangible assistance to some of the most vulnerable and deserving in our Jakarta today and into the future.
The most contemporary and luxurious hotels in Jakarta located in the heart of the city is delighted to support the
Jakarta Poster project. Mandarin Oriental Hotels are dedicated to making lives better and the project is entirely in
keeping with this philosophy. As a Founding Sponsor of the project we wish it every success and we are sure that
it will make a real difference to the lives of so many who are so deserving of our compassion and help.
The Jakarta Poster Project has only been possible because of the generous support of our Founding Sponsors. These
companies share the vision and belief that we can all help to improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.
Each company is a leader in its field and of bespoke quality. We thank each and every one of them for their support and
their participation in the project.

Java St. Andrew Society.